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About Mind Tribes

The MT Life Network is a global learning & development company that enables you to leverage the power of community to achieve your wildly important goals.

Our stand-out coaching resources and courses are specifically tailored to develop you to reliably & consistently generate breakthroughs in the areas of health, wealth, and freedom. 

Our connected community is also with you every step of the way to ensure you remain accountable for realizing your massive games in the world.

Why Become a Member?

As an MT Life Network member, we’re committed that you continually experience dramatic breakthroughs in your beliefs and ability to create results related to your confidence, time, wealth, communication & relationships, and your personal wellbeing & vitality. All of this is made possible by leveraging the power of this community!

As a member, you get VIP access to our curated, deeply-engaging virtual courses, live conversations with experts in their field, and access to an inspiring community of fellow creators. 

Your membership also includes:

  • 3 Annual Online Courses (Vision & Goals 101, Anatomy & Energetics 101, and our Mindful Money Course)
  • Curated Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Online Movement & Meditation Videos
  • LIVE Online Workshops from experts in the fields of business, health & wellness, nonprofit, and more.
  • Member Discounts to Signature Courses and Programs.

The tools & distinctions you embody within the MT Life Network are the same tools our founders and core team tap into each and everyday. This community is a space wherein you experience dramatic breakthroughs in your confidence, financial wellbeing, health & vitality, and your ability to contribute to others.

We Acknowledge You!

From the bottom of our hearts, we acknowledge you for taking this essential step toward achieving your wildly important goals. We're committed that our community and resources be exactly the things that accelerate you along your path. We're so excited start connecting & creating with you!

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